Celine Ennis Painter
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Encaustic Painting:

The word “encaustic” comes from the Greek language and means to burn into. Encaustic painting is the process of painting with beeswax on a warmed surface. It has its roots in Greek art. The Greeks used pigmented beeswax to weatherproof and decorate their warships. Encaustic is also found on ancient burial masks known as the Fayum funeral portraits. These funerary masks were painted with wax and depicted the image of the deceased in the prime of their life. The use of this medium was long forgotten until the 20th century when some artists began to use wax in their paintings.
Beeswax as a medium allows the artist to create smooth, glossy surfaces or richly textured impastos. The surface can be worked by carving into it, burnishing images into it, and mixing all kinds of collage materials into it.
Some more famous painters that have worked in encaustic include Jasper Johns, Judy Pfaff, Diego Rivera, Lynda Benglis, Robert Morris and Nancy Graves.

Artist Statement:

Painting is my personal journey. The brush to canvas imparts my state of mind and thoughts. My work unfolds before me revealing my inner state. This process of discovery/excavation leaves me open to experiment and discover the voice of the painting. The unplanned process of color selection, brush strokes, collage and mark making enable me to allow the painting to unfold in a fluid manner until it culminates in a finished piece.

My current medium is beeswax. Colored pigment is added to beeswax and is applied to a wood panel using a paintbrush and a heat gun. I enjoy the process of painting with beeswax because it allows me to create richly textured pieces or smooth glossy surfaces.The final result is a painting that engages the viewer and challenges them to look beneath the multiple layers.

My paintings are exhibited at Midday Gallery (Englewood), s.h.e. Gallery (Booton) , Piermont Fine Arts (Piermont N.Y. ) and Ned Kelly & Co. Piermont N.Y.



Piermont Fine Arts: Group Holiday Show
Opens on December 12, 2013
Piermont Fine Arts, Piermont, N.Y.,Aug. 15 2013
Goggleworks, Reading Pa June 27 - July 21,2013
Piermont Fine Arts, April 2013
s.h.e. Gallery, 3 person show April 2013
Walking Man Gallery, Whitefish Montana August 2007